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International Deli

 HOT BUY! International Deli in Western Cape. The business has been established over 16 years ago.  Business is selling for R16,50MM, R1 000 000 STOCK, R5M PA. #34866

Paint Wholesalers

 HOT BUY! Paint Wholesalers in Western Cape. The business has been established over 55 years ago.  Business is selling for R30,00M, R7 000 000 STOCK, R9 650 000 PA AFTER TAX. #33211

Industrial Bakery

HOT BUY! Supplying over 800 Clients from the Airport, UCT, Fedex, Freedom, Western Cape Catering and Western Cape Health and also 85 % of Cape Town Hotels. International standard and Excellent quality. Business is in Western Cape is selling for R21.00M,  34% ROI and Monthly NETT of R1.1M  #33473

Kids Boutique

Baby Boutique and Kids Shop. Offering beautifully designed and curated product that is unique, on-trend, organic/ eco-friendly with a focus on an international standard and Excellent quality. Business is in Cape Town was selling for R1.00M,  40% ROI and Monthly NETT of R35,000. #33290

Our Experience

Aldes has been established in 1979. We are the largest business brokerage in South Africa. Our experienced brokers sell more than 300 businesses a year.

Our Database

Aldes has established an extensive database for both Buyer or Seller. With this a prospective buyer needs only talk to one broker to find the perfect business opportunity.

Our Process

Get an Valuation to see what your business is worth. Aldes follows a thorough process and due diligence to ensure that the buyer’s and seller’s interests are protected.

Our Reputation

We have a reputation for being Transparent in all our Dealings and providing excellent service. Contact us now for all inquiries.

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